Laura Geitz: Netball glory and navigating change

Laura Geitz is an icon of Australian netball. An absolute force on the court, she was a fearless defender who captained her beloved Queensland Firebirds and the Aussie Diamonds to great success, including world championships and a gold at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.


Since retiring in 2018, the Rebel ambassador and mum of two is still making her mark on the game. She does media commentary, runs netball clinics, mentors other athletes and has even designed a netball clothing range. Last year, the Firebirds renamed their Most Valuable Player Award as the Laura Geitz medal, highlighting how Laura – or Geitzy – really is the ultimate MVP.


In this episode, Laura joins us to chat about epic netball rivalries, the wonderful chaos of parenthood and how what we see as a weakness can actually turn out to be our biggest strength.


Plus, we cover:

  • Laura's earliest (and favourite) memories on and off the netball court
  • What it’s like to play sport for your country
  • Why it’s important to look to the past as well as the future
  • The new workout she’s hooked on
  • What having kids has taught her about health, judgement and her village


Your host is Alex Davies @adavies234

With thanks to special guest Laura Geitz @ lmgeitz

Your producer is Jake Taylor

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