Kara Saunders | Tips From One Of The Fittest Humans On The Planet

This week, the fittest humans on the planet are competing in the CrossFit Games. For Aussie athlete Kara Saunders, this year’s Games will be her 10th. It’s an incredible milestone, considering she didn’t have much of a fitness routine before she discovered the sport.

In this episode, Kara shares how a conversation with her mum about going to the gym changed the direction of her life and how she hopes to set the same kind of example to her three-year-old daughter, Scotti. Plus, she delves into all the fitness, nutrition and recovery tips that have helped her – not only prepare for her 10th CrossFit Games – but feel healthier now at 32 than she did at 25.


This podcast was hosted and produced by WH editor-in-chief Lizza Gebilagin.

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