Elsa Pataky Has Made a Lot of Mistakes [Revisited]

While our team is on a break, we thought it’d be nice to revisit some of our most popular episodes, starting with this one with actor Elsa Pataky.

Want to feel physically and mentally strong? Learn to genuinely love exercise? And see mistakes as precious learning opportunities, rather than something to fear? We talk about all this and more with our latest guest, actor, mother of three and all-round superwoman slaying in the wellness space, Elsa Pataky. From growing up as an only child in Barcelona, to getting her big acting break on the Spanish version of Beverley Hills 90210, this serious yoga-lover (who also speaks five languages) has always valued freedom and creativity over living life inside a safety net. After moving to Santa Monica to follow her career dreams, she struggled with loneliness and used exercise as a powerful tool to cope with some of her lowest moments. But when she met her now mega-star husband Chris Hemsworth, her dream of living a wild life surrounded by nature was finally realised. And, since swapping the bright lights of Hollywood for the chilled vibes of Byron, she hasn’t looked back. In this episode, the self-confessed fitness junkie chats to us about pretty much everything, including her secret to a happy marriage, the 80/20 rule that guides her health, and why she’ll never feel guilty for smashing three donuts in one go. She also reveals why she believes nourishing your body (rather than dieting and deprivation) the only way forward for a happy life. And how actually embracing failure can lead to life-changing personal growth. As she says in this candid chat: “You need to live every moment, including the ups and downs, and learn from them. The mistakes I’ve made in life got me to where I am today.”

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