Canna Campbell - manifesting money, slaying debt and why mindfulness is key to getting you finances into shape

Does the thought of your financial situation make you anxious? It’s not just you. More than half of women under the age of 35 find dealing with money stressful. It’s bad for our bank accounts but worse for our health with Danish researchers finding financial stress can lead to the early onset of poor cognitive function and increased inflammation, which contributes to chronic conditions. 

Not great, huh?

That’s why we asked Canna Campbell to be our latest podcast guest for Women’s Health Uninterrupted. Canna is a financial advisor and the author of a new book Mindful Money (Viking, $34.99). She’s famous for making vids for her YouTube channel,, encouraging women to find financial independence and practise what she calls ‘money mindfulness’.

In this episode, Canna covers:

·     What you can do to manifest money

·     How you can make more money with the money you currently have

·     Why you don’t need to give up your activewear budget to get control of your finances (it’s called “sanity money”)

·     What you can do to get rid of debt

·     The link between minimalism, mindful spending and mental health

·     How she had to let go of being the “perfect mum” with all the right stuff

·     How she built herself back up financially, as a single mum, after her divorce

·     Why you don’t need a heap of money to start investing. It’s less than you think!

For Canna, getting your finances into shape all starts with mindset. It can’t be forced.

“It's like me saying to you, ‘You’ve got to go on a diet or you've got to run a marathon.’ Unless you are genuinely connected to wanting to run a marathon, it’s going to be the most meaningless, soulless, boring, dull, depressing experience.

“When you look at your mindset, and look at ‘Why am I doing this? What's important? What are the things I'm going to gain? How's this going to help me?’, that’s when you start feeling really connected, and committed, and motivated, and inspired to make this shift happen.”


Your host is Lizza Gebilagin

With thanks to special guest Canna Campbell

Your producer is Denis Duggan

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