Meditation as a Cure for Perfectionism with Caitlin Cady [Revisited]

While we're on a break, we're revisiting some of our most popular episodes, like this one with meditation teacher Caitlin Cady.

Caitlin Cady is a recovering perfectionist-turned-meditation teacher, who admits her own obsession with overachieving was making her “more burned out than a roach in Snoop Dogg’s ashtray”. Yeah, she might live in Byron Bay but she’s not your usual meditation teacher. For one, she loves hip hop as much as she does Tibetan singing bowls. She also owns a bar in Byron and a street mag, and the reason we’re speaking to her today, she has a new book, Heavily Meditated: Your Down-to-Earth Guide To Learning Meditation and Getting High on Life (Hardie Grant, $29.99) out now, where she proves “Meditation doesn’t have to be boring as shit or narrated by an annoying looooong draaaaawn ouuuuut meditation voice”. And she’s done all this while raising three kids under the age of six. “It’s a straight up circus at my house!” she tells us.

So how does she do it all without letting her perfectionist and overachieving sides take over? Well, you’ll have to listen to the episode to find out.

In this chat, Caitlin covers:

·   How living imperfectly leads to a much cooler life

·   Why “change happens when you get fed up with your own b******t”

·   How she healed herself after suffering from eating disorders, depression and Lyme disease

·   A simple breathing meditation you can try

·   How to get into a flow state

Great sources she mentions in the chat:

·   Insight timer for guided meditations and timers

·   Be Focused pomodoro timer to get shit done

·   Caitlin’s website,, for more meditation resources

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