Boob Checks and Holistic Post-Cancer Treatment Care with Dr Anh Nguyen

What does a holistic approach to post-breast cancer treatment look like? And how can we reduce our risk of cancer in the first place? These are the questions Dr Anh Nguyen answers. Not only is she a GP, she’s a surgical assistant to a breast cancer surgeon, and coordinates the Breast Cancer Survivorship Program at Specialist Breast Cancer Surgery in Melbourne.

Today, speaking with our commissioning editor Alex Davies, Dr Nguyen talks about the kind of support women need post-treatment – from the things you’d think of like clinical examinations and strength training recommendations to issues you might not help with painful sex, Plus, she shares the things we can do to minimise our cancer risk (cutting stress is a major one!) and why it’s vital we all become breast aware. 

Her top tip? It’s good to check your breasts when they’re “quietest”. Intrigued? Thought so. Over to Alex and Dr Nguyen.


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