Alexis Fernandez's Brain Hacks Will Change Your Life

Are you looking for ways to get more focus or more energy? Or do you want to stop stressing so much? And maybe even stop yourself from doing things that don't serve you? Basically, do you want to train your brain to perform at its peak? If that's a yes, you need to listen to today’s show as Women's Health editor-in-chief Lizza Gebilagin chats with Alexis Fernandez. Alexis is brain obsessed. She has a masters in neuroscience and loves talking about mindset hacks and brain health so much that she has a podcast on the topic called Do you F*****g Mind? and hosts a podcast series from Samsung Galaxy called Rule Benders, where she chats to guests who are breaking the mould.

In this episode, Alexis goes into the science behind why saunas are great for your brain, the benefits of nootropics and how you can build up your cognitive reserve. The cool thing is, her tips are simple and actionable, so you are guaranteed to finish listening to this episode with things you can start doing straight away.

This episode of Uninterrupted is sponsored by Samsung Galaxy Watch4.

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