Misogyny in women's health has a very long history

How did it get to this? So much pain and illness in women ignored for so long? It starts with a history of misogyny in healthcare and continues with the fact the "default human" in so much health research is a 70-kilogram white male.

In this first ep of The Women's Health Project, we hear some personal experiences from Shivani Gopal on how her pain was "normalised". We get some history from Elinor Cleghorn, the historian and author of the definitive guide to women's health through the ages, Unwell Women. We learn about how medical research trials have continued to fail women from,Dr Amy Vassallo. And so much more.

Later on in this series, we'll be exploring a number of key areas of women's health that have been ignored, asking why and determining what's being done to change the story. We'll examine heart disease in women, endometriosis, pelvic pain, menopause, ADHD and autism, the truth about what fitness and exercise we actually need.

And we'll particularly touch on the lack of innovation and investment that's held women's health back.

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