Dr. Jennifer Lincoln: Empowering Women to Learn About Their Bodies

Why are topics like periods, sex, and menopause considered taboo? Laura’s guest, Dr. Jennifer Lincoln, is here to change that with her mission to demystify sex ed and break down the stigmas – because no one needs to ever feel ashamed about their bodies. Jennifer Lincoln is a board-certified OB-GYN, lactation consultant, mother and author of “Let’s Talk About Down There: An OB-GYN Answers All Your Burning Questions…Without Making You Feel Embarrassed For Asking”. In this episode, Jennifer talks to Laura about disparities in women's health care, empowering women to advocate for themselves, menopause in the workplace, co-founding Obstetricians for Reproductive Justice and much more! Want more? Visit www.drjenniferlincoln.com. Originally aired with Host Laura Zarrow on January 26th 2023 on SiriusXM's Business Radio, Channel 132.


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