Wine, translated

by Helena Nicklin

Award-winning drinks writer Helena Nicklin talks you through the simple steps to follow when you want to start learning about wine using easy to remember analogies.

A unique take on wine education, Helena breaks down this enormous subject into manageable, bite-size chunks for the regular wine drinker, starting with the fun bits. Using the power of storytelling and your own visual imagination instead of ramming home dry facts, this time, you'll remember what you've learned so you can buy wines you know you're going to like.

Packed full of takeaway soundbites and useful suggestions for easy-to-find wines to taste, 'Wine, translated' will teach you how to start learning about wine in four simple steps; Give you a guide to the personalities of the world's most famous wine grapes; Offer tips for understanding a wine list; Explain how to speak wine language like a pro; Tell you what to look for when you taste wine and fffer tasting ideas to help you learn at home.

Send her your questions to answer and follow Helena on Instagram @Winebird or on Twitter @TheWinebird. This series is based on Helena's first book: Winebird's Vinalogy: wine basics with a twist!

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