Episode 47: Dementia

This is the final episode in our mini-series exploring health conditions.

Oz sat down with Shaheen to find out about her expierences with her mum's rare form of dememntia and the journey to diagnosis. We chat about stigma, care responsibilities and gender roles in the Bangladeshi community, and what it's like to be isolated as a carer.

He also hears from Nadine Mirza, a researcher at the University of Manchester, who's exploring how her work revamping dementia testing services could make sure fewer PoC fall through the cracks and get the help they need.

You can find Shaheen on Twitter at @Shaheensloan98

You can find Nadine on Twitter at @thealmostpsych

For information relating to a specific dementia diagnosis, you can contact Rare Dementia support on contact@raredementiasupport.org or on their website contact page.

If you or someone you know is in the Greater Manchester area, over the the age of 65, are South Asian and speak Urdu - you could help with Nadine's research! 

You can get in touch with her at nadine.mirza@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk

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