Episode #9: Being a Body Positivity Role Model: How-To and Why-To

Join host Elisa Camahort Page for a conversation about positive body image. Learn about SheKnows Media's #Femvertising Awards program (public voting open now) and then sit in on a conversation with a consultant who works with brands on pro-women marketing campaigns, an expert in the psychology of girls' and women's body image, and a woman who lost 170 pounds by changing her relationship to eating and exercise and now helps women undertaking such a journey to love their body every step of the way.

Show notes:

Starts at :00: Explanation of SheKnows Media's #Femvertising initiative honoring advertising that employs imagery and messaging that is pro-women and girls.

Starts at 1:55: Interview with Jess Weiner, a consultant who has spent years working with brands and companies and marketers to create more empowering messages and products for women and girls.

Starts at 23:30: Interview with Robyn Silverman, PhD, an expert on body image for girls and women, and author of the book, "Good Girls Don't Get Fat,"...

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