Episode #2: How Humor Can Hack Social Change

Join host Elisa Camahort Page and guests Heather Gold, Jenny Yang, and Luvvie Ajayi, as they discuss how humor can be a tool to raise social awareness and, ultimately, drive social change.

Show Notes:

Intro: A few words about the 06/12/16 attack on the LGBTQ Latinx community in Orlanda, FL.

Starts at 1:39: Interview with Heather Gold, comedian, storyteller, activist, BlogHer OG, and all-around bad-ass. (Heather is speaking at #BlogHer16.)

Starts at 9:39: Interview with Jenny Yang, recovering activist, comedian, and leader of the panel on Humor and Social Change at #BlogHer16.

Starts at 29:50: Interview with Luvvie Ajayi, humorist, technologist, author of the upcoming book "I'm Judging You", and also speaking on the #Blogher16 panel about humor and social change.


#BlogHer16, taking place August 4-6, 2016 in Los Angeles:
The Program: http://www.blogher.com/node/2162029/schedule
Tickets: http://blogher16.eventbrite.com

Heather Gold: http://www.heathergold.com

Jenny Yang:... For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy