'Smoke and Mirrors'

Graeme and Jamie explore the evidence against Graham Stafford and discuss the problems with them. We talk about the confirmed AND disputed sightings of both Graham Stafford and Leanne Holland. Defence barrister Joe Crowley sheds light on the blood and maggot evidence. We also read some emails from a scientist who was on the review team.

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This episode was written and fact checked by Graeme Crowley.


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Thanks to Aunty Vivi who plays a mean piano and provided some original background music for this show.

Shoutout to @bvbvbeats who contacted me (Jamie) and provided some background music for this chapter. Blown away by the kindness of strangers! You can find Baba beats on instagram, soundcloud, Spotify@bvbvbeats 


The cover art for this chapter was drawn by Courtney Woods.

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