How I Changed the Way I Think About My Body

Sadie and "Dancing with the Stars" cast member Lindsay Arnold get candid about relationships, how to approach struggles with body image when your body is changing, the best way to handle the weight of comparison, and how to find confidence in the place where your confidence was shaken most. They also talk about the difference between being liked and being loved, long-distance dating, how you can be a good sister and friend, how to overcome jealousy, motherhood, Lindsay's YouTube channel, and why Sadie can't wait to try Lindsay's workout. Lindsay's unguarded advice will lift your heart and inspire you no matter what season you're in. Then, Sadie and Christian offer a listener in Northern Ireland advice on dealing with loneliness and how to dive into the opportunities it can present. — Get 10% off everything & FREE shipping if you spend $20 with promo code WHOA — Get up to $200 OFF AND 2 free pillows!
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