EP29 MACKMYRA INTELLIGENS - Virtual Whisky Show First Impressions

This week on ‘Whisky Wednesday’ (we’re allowed to use that… we checked this week) we sampled the worlds first Whisky blended by artificial intelligence. Yes we taste and discuss the Intelligens release from Mackmyra, as hinted way back in episode 17 when we tried their Special 6, Summer Meadow bottling. Something else we did back in episode 17 was talk to Brand Ambassador Richard McKeand, and this week we include a segment from the extended interview we didn’t include in that show, where he talks us through the origins and process behind this unique Single Malt Whisky.

You can revise all things Mackmyra from episode 17, along with the first interview with Richard here:



Booze Round, turns ‘Smooze Round’ this week as we talk about our experiences from the first few days roaming the the webinars of the The Whisky Show. The event is running virtually this year from October 2nd through to the 9th and we’ll be getting involved with some tastings later in the week. https://whiskyshow.com/

Oh, ...and Dave nearly gets arrested. Enjoy!


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