End-of-Season Bonus: More on sustainable travel, carbon footprints & investing

A chance to hear more from three of the conversations we had whilst recording the second half of season one:

02.35 - 16.12 Justin Francis, CEO of Responsible Travel, discusses whether a trip abroad can ever be truly ‘sustainable’.

17.58 - 34.02 Mike Berners-Lee, climate impact expert, explains how to work out a carbon footprint and the impact working from home has on the planet.

36.20 - 47.33 Olivia Bowen, partner and financial advisor at Castlefield, chats about ‘ethical’ investing and what a ‘green’ investment fund actually means.

We very much hope you enjoyed this first season of the podcast - if you did please do rate & review us - and we’ll be back in the autumn for Season 2!

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