WDF: Tomi Reichental - Holocaust Survivor Part 1


Today history friends we have something incredibly special lined up for you. All this week, we'll be letting loose three parts of an interview I did with Holocaust survivor Tomi Reichental. Obviously, I am incredibly excited to bring this to you, but I am also deeply indebted to Tomi for coming onto the show and telling his story, a story which most of my Irish listeners, and some others, may already know, but which deserves absolutely to be heard, and then heard again.

In this first part, we talk about Tomi's childhood, and how he went from being an innocent boy in a quaint Slovakian village, where everyone knew everyone, to being shipped off in a cattle cart, separated from his family at 9 years of age, destined for somewhere unknown. It is a harrowing story, but it is also a fundamentally important story for us to hear. Tomi Reichental was a boy in Bergen-Belsen, and lived in that hell from November 1944 until liberation in mid-April 1945.

Everyone should hear what Tomi has to say, so make sure to spread the word that WDF is playing host to a Holocaust survivor. Like many of you guys said when I asked what I should ask Mr Reichental, I simply ask him here to tell us his story, and what a story it is.


Tomi Reichental would love to hear from you, so be sure to send me any messages you may have for him and I will happily pass them on to him! For further information about the award winning documentaries Tomi has helped direct and taken an active part in, see the links below.

Till The Tenth Generation intro: https://vimeo.com/101014541

Close To Evil intro: http://www.rte.ie/archives/2014/0827/639627-close-to-evil/

Condemned To Remember intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCWWVwrK4L0

A huge thanksss again must go out to Tomi Reichental himself, who gave up his valuable time and invited me into his lovely home to help this interview take place. It is because of his need to tell his story that we are privileged to host it here. Thank you Tomi, you are a true history friend.

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