30YearsWar #81: The Last Campaign [1648]

Although the Dutch and Spanish had made their peace, 1648 had room for one more campaign, and there had arguably never been so much on the line. With warfare came the chance to secure more leverage at the peace table, but the Franco-Swedish allies faced problems of its own.

How were the Swedes to settle the impossibly high wage bill of so many thousands of unpaid soldiers? How were the French going to pacify the many elements within society who were sick and tired of being squeezed for barely palpable returns? And what about Portugal or the amnesty of rebels?

Questions remained to be answered, then, but one final campaign had the potential to provide this answer, before the quills could be set to the parchment, and peace be finally made. I hope you'll join me to see how they did it, in our penultimate episode of this whopper series!


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