30YearsWar #70: Enter Torstensson [1641-42]

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1641 was the year when Lennart Torstensson was finally appointed commander of Sweden's mostly German army. Having hunkered down for many years in the north of the country, Torstensson understood that Sweden had to strike hard against the Imperials if anything was to change. Possessed of a fierce determination and great strategic mind, the new commander pressed his advantage and seized a new triumph in the graveyard of Gustavus Adolphus' most famous victory. Torstensson knew a great deal about the Battle of Brietenfeld - he had commanded the artillery on that fateful day, and he intended to make this second Breitenfeld even greater than the first.

Off the battlefield, peace feelers were finally beginning to go somewhere, albeit at a painfully slow pace. The basics of a two-city conference were established, but other than the selection of Osnabruck and Munster, little else of consequence could be decided on so long as there were victories to be gained from war. Still, these talks about peace talks produced significant fruit in their own right. The all out war was drawing to an end, and the interconnected fronts would soon be drawn into a peace. Before the peace was made, though, it would first have to be won.


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