US-China relations

With China on the rise, how will America react?
Chinese influence across the world is growing, in economic and political terms. This raises serious questions for the new Biden administration.
The US and China are economically interdependent, and need to have shared interests, particularly in trade and climate change.
But the rhetoric in recent weeks has been anything but friendly. The two superpowers are going head-to-head in trade wars, retaliatory sanctions, and accusations of human rights abuses.
Katty and Carlos take a step back and look at what is at stake for both sides, and whether there is a chance for a future of peaceful coexistence.

Katty and Carlos’ guests are:
Kaiser Kuo, Editor-at-Large at SupChina, a media company that focuses on explaining China to the West. He’s also founder and co-host of the Sinica podcast, a show that discusses all things China. He spent 20 years working and living in Beijing and is now back home in the US.
Robert Daly is the Director of the Kissinger Institute on China and the United States at the Wilson Centre. He’s a former diplomat who spent eleven years based in China where he worked on an array of cultural exchange programmes, including the translation of Sesame Street into Chinese.

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