Road bikes are functional jewellery with Therese Kilpatrick

Jenni interviewed Therese! An inspiring mechanic living the dream, fighting for the future of bicycle education in Santa Cruz. "Empower people. It’s better to learn if you can." 

~ Guest ~

Therese Kilpatrick

~ Topics ~

Project Bike Tech

Santa Cruz Bikes

Mosquito Bikes

London Field Cycles

Hackney City Farm

Hackney Bike Project 

Brixton Cycles 

Ninon - listen to our interview!


Balance Bikes

ABC check - Air, Brakes, Chain,

Star Bikes Project

Cycle Rodeo

Jump Bikes

“Ageing Boomers!”

E Bikes are the future 


Jenni spoke at the Marine Museum of Bicycling and Mountain Bike Hall of Fame!

Watch it here:

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Look mum no hands

London Bike Kitchen

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Alex Davis

Jenni Gwiazdowski

~ Illustration ~

Korinna Mei Veropoulou


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