Episode 3: The Energy Around Us

The events at Braley Pond were only the beginning of Shea Wilis’ troubles. She is plagued by mysterious events in the months that follow and her young son Zack is convinced he sees the ghost of Chis Kennedy in their house. Shea also goes into her background as an energy worker and empath and the troubled childhood she experienced because of them. Her mother Jennifer Hensley also talks about her own abilities, and we are introduced to their mentor, Joey Korn, who owns and operates Dowsers.com, a website that offers spiritual services and products such as space clearing, retreats, and dowsing tools. 

Charles Moss - Creator & Host

Mike Trebilcock - Sound Designer & Composer

Bill Colrus - Story Editor

Shelton Brown - Logo Design

Keith Finch - Additional Artwork

Ashton Lance - Web developer

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