Episode 7: A Portal to Another World

Christine Day believes she is a Pleiadian Ambassador, someone who is embodied by an interdimensional race of beings called Pleiadians. Robert Perala is the co-author of The Divine Blueprint and the victim of a mysterious abduction that occurred in 1977. Though Logan describes Pleiadians in episode six as something akin to “shadow people from another dimension, entering our reality through a portal,” Christine and Robert offer a different view on what these beings are. Meanwhile, Dr. Leah Broussard, a physicist at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, is working on an experiment to see if there is indeed, a portal of sorts, to another kind of reality.

Charles Moss - Creator & Host

Mike Trebilcock - Sound Designer & Composer

Bill Colrus - Story Editor

Shelton Brown - Logo Design

Keith Finch - Additional Artwork

Ashton Lance - Web Developer

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