Episode 6: The Shadow People

Logan Guinn isn’t like other paranormal investigators. He describes himself as more of a demon hunter, someone who doesn’t waste time on spiritual chants or rituals. Together with his wife Brynne, they seek out spirits, ghosts, and demons and kick their asses. At least that’s how he describes it. Logan has a knack for the dramatic. But he also believes he knows what’s going on at Braley Pond, and it’s not from this world or dimension. Shea Willis and her mother Jennifer also go into more of their past experiences with strange creatures that seem to have followed them throughout their lives.  

Charles Moss - Creator & Host

Mike Trebilcock - Sound Designer & Composer

Bill Colrus - Story Editor

Shelton Brown - Logo Design

Keith Finch - Additional Artwork

Ashton Lance - Web Developer

Interested in learning more about Dybbuk boxes? Here’s a link to my article for Input Magazine.

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