Episode 5: Haunted Staunton

Staunton, Virginia has a rich history that goes back to 1738. But it’s the paranormal aspect of the city’s history that fascinates local ghost hunters like Marty Siebel, Curtis Lee Wimer, Dawn Biery, and others. The paranormal community in Staunton is tight, where everyone knows each other. Of course, this community is not without its controversies, some of which are explored in this episode, along with Staunton’s most haunted places. Another kind of paranormal investigator, a science enthusiast named Kenny Biddle, voices his opinion on the legitimacy of what Shea experienced at Braley Pond, along with parapsychologist Brandon Massullo, author of The Ghost Studies, a book that answers the questions, “What are ghosts and what causes them? 

Charles Moss - Creator & Host

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