Westside Barbell Podcast #53 - Chuck, Markus, Dom and Tom

This is special episode of the podcast as it's the first podcast recorded inside the gym of Westside Barbell. The guests for today's podcast couldn't be more appropriate for this occasion:

Chuck Vogelpohl: Other than Louie himself, Chuck V is probably the most associated name with Westside Barbell. A living legend of Westside history, as well as setting world records, Chuck is the embodiment of both the Westside mentality and the achievements of the club.

Marcus Marinelli: Founder of Strong Style MMA in Cleveland. Marcus based his gym after the time he spent training with Louie and the crew at Westside. Strong Style is home to many great martial artists including former UFC Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic.

Dominic Rotolo and Tom Waddle are integral members of Westside History, part of the morning crew with Chuck and Marcus, they both have contributed to the Westside Legacy.

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00:00:00 Intro

00:00:25 Marcus starting at Westside, meeting Dom, meeting Chuck

00:07:24 Chuck's Start

00:09:30 Dom's Start, being around Louie

00:18:06 Tom Waddle's Start, Louie the Chameleon

00:23:55 A Strong Mind

00:27:00 Chuck's Neck

00:28:56 The impact of Westside's culture, Matt Dimmel

00:36:27 Characters at Westside

00:40:00 Comp Behavior, The Pecking Order

00:41:30 Briggs Rd, Matt working the front

00:43:40 Competing as a team, going out as a team, comradery

01:00:00 Learning from Louie

01:03:45 Louie Simmons, Nitro

01:12:11 Training Stories

01:14:15 a UPS delivery

01:17:15 Woo!


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