Westside Barbell Podcast #51 - Coe & Gritter, The Night Crew

Bob Coe and Jeff "Gritter" Adams ran the Night Crew at Westside for many years. Coe initially came to Westside in 1979, alongside Matt Dimmel while Gritter started in 1994. after being invited to train there by Louie. Their development of Night Crew and the resulting achievements became an integral part to the legacy of Westside Barbell and Louie's training methodologies. 

Topics Covered include:

- The history and culture of the Night Crew

- Training Dave Hoff

- Chuck's brief stint in the Night Crew

00:00 intro

00:35 Coe & Gritters beginnings at Westside

07:30 Louie & The First Arnold, Coe's Olympia Stories

10:00 Westside Competing at the Arnold's, Anthony Clarke

11:27 The Night Crew

16:28 Eskill and The Night Crew

19:46 What stood out with the Night Crew

22:00 Achievements of the Night Crew

27:11 Coe, a benchshirt, and a 100 scratches

31:20 Feats of Strength in the Gym, injury rates, training with bands for the first time

34:54 Louie's training experiments,

39:30 Why People Stayed, bar fights, meeting Matt Dimmel, early Westside days

42:16 Ohio Strong, Black's Strength World

44:48 Matt Dimmel

48:30 Louie's Gyms, The Board

54:00 Coe as a Handler, hand outs, Training with Dave off

1:00:00 Never Dump The Bar

1:03:00 Hoff - 3005

1:04:00 Chuck

1:09:20 The Westside Method

1:13:00 The Newark Crew

1:17:55 Louie and The Crew, The Hoffs

1:21:30 Jerry O, Tony Ramos, back to Hoff

1:26:00 Parting Thoughts on Louie

1:29:23 Outro    


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