Westside Barbell Podcast #47 - Olympic Weightlifting

Louie and Tom discuss the USA weightlifting team's performance at the 2020 Olympics. Louie outlines the challenges facing American weightlifting and what needs to change in regards to the training and development of athletes in order to overcome these obstacles.


Some of the topics discussed are:

  • Future of USA Weightlifting

  • What makes China so strong?

  • Powerlifting for Weightlifting

  • Weightlifting for Powerlifting

  • And more!


00:00 Intro

00:12 Start

00:24 Future of USA Weightlifting

03:55 What makes China so strong?

07:00 Louie's experience with Olympic Weightlifting

08:10 Best Olympic Lifter

09:00 What role does maximum strength have in weightlifting?

12:18 Max effort strength and other forms of strength in weightlifting

13:50 Absolute strength and technical improvements

17:35 Powerlifting for weightlifters, weightlifting for powerlifters

20:03 Crossfit and Football's influence on Weightlifting

20:45 Olympic weightlifters and Westside Barbell

25:40 Olympic coaches, come to Westside Barbell



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Louie Simmons is widely regarded as the 'Strength Coaches', Strength Coach' and is the founder of the world-renowned gym called Westside Barbell in Columbus, Ohio. Westside Barbell is an invitation-only training laboratory where only the strongest of mind and body survive.


Our goal is simple: “To become the best and push every boundary known to man in doing so.” This gym has produced more world records in powerlifting than any other in the World, and Louie has been regarded as one of the main reasons that the conjugate style of training has been popularized in today's training methods.