Religion & Magic: Part 3 - Weirwood Tour (spoilers)

The episode features themes of blood and ancestry, as weirwoods tend to be inextricably tied to the surrounding area, both physically and culturally. Given the broad scope of this topic, quite a variety of related subjects come up. Heart tree-murdering Melisandre makes an appearance or two, the Wall is discussed as well as several members of House Stark and some very out of the way places you�¢??ve barely heard of.

We go from Beyond the Wall to the far south, considering not just where the weirwoods are, but where they might have been in the past. Given that there are so many places left unseen in the story, we make educated guesses where other trees might be. This isn�¢??t just about where the trees are, though�¢?�¦ The absence of weirwoods can be as conspicuous as the most grotesque Heart Tree face. For information regarding your data privacy, visit