Valar Rereadis: AGOT - Part 4 of 11

Eddard III - The One where Mycah Doesn't Run Very Fast aka the Gang Executes Lady (4:40)

Bran III - The One with the Three Eyed Crow aka the Gang's in a Coma Dream (34:14)

Catelyn IV - The Gang goes to King's Landing aka the One when she Meets Littlefinger & Varys (58:18)

Jon III - The One where Donal Noye Teaches Him a Lesson aka the Gang Gets Bullied (1:17:00)

Eddard IV - The Gang Meets the Small Council aka the One where Robert Wants a Tourney (1:36:30)

Tyrion III - The One where Jon and Tyrion Become Friends aka The Gang Eats Crabs (1:52:47)

Arya II - The One where Arya Starts Training aka the Gang Meets Syrio (2:06:37)

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