Valar Rereadis: ACOK - Part 7 of 12

Jon IV - The One with the Wild Ghost Chase aka The Gang Stashed a Dragonglass Cache (4:52)

Bran V - The Gang Dreams About the Shores of Winterfell aka the One where Ser Rodrik Should’ve Killed Reek (39:58)

Tyrion VIII - The Gang Wants Renly’s Leavings aka the Purple Wedding Pre-Planning Party (1:05:34)

Theon III - The Gang Hunts Wild Hares aka the One with Theon’s Big Plan (1:31:48)

Arya VIII - The Lion Gang Leaves Harrenhal aka the One with Basilisk Blood (1:44:57)

Catelyn V - The Gang Returns to Riverrun aka the One with Edmure’s Big Plan (2:02:50)

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