Valar Rereadis: AGOT - Part 6 of 11

Eddard VII - The Gang Finishes the Tourney aka The One with the Breastplate Stretcher (4:02)

Tyrion IV - The Gang Fights Vale Clansmen aka The One with Larry, Moe & Curly (20:19)

Arya III - The Gang Overhears Varys & Illyrio's Plots aka The One where Arya Chases Cats (32:08)

Eddard VIII - The Gang Debates Assassinating Dany aka The One where Ned Quits (1:08:43)

Catelyn VI - The Gang Goes to the Eyrie aka The One where they Ride Mules at Night (1:28:14)

Eddard IX - The Gang Fights Outside a Brothel aka The One where Ned Breaks his Leg (1:39:12)

Daenerys IV - The Gang Goes to Vaes Dothrak aka The One where Dany Hits Viserys (1:53:16)

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