Valar Rereadis: ACOK - Part 3 of 12

Arya III - The One where Arya Sees Wolves aka the Gang Witnesses the Bad News about the Riverlands (5:18)

Davos I - The Gang Burns the Gods aka the One with fLightbringer (16:13)

Theon I - The One where Theon Returns Home aka the Iron Gang Prepares for War with the Wolf Gang (1:09:13)

Daenerys I - The Gang Hits the Red Waste aka the One with the City of Bones (1:33:41)

Jon II - The Gang Visits Whitetree aka the One where All the Wildlings are Missing (2:02:50)

Arya IV - The One where Arya Saves Jaqen aka the Gang Kills Yoren (2:24:59)

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