Valar Rereadis: AGOT - Part 11 of 11

Bran VII - The One where They Go Down into the Crypts aka the Gang gets a History Lesson (3:23)

Sansa VI - The One Where Joffrey Makes Her Look aka the Gang Browses Heads (27:45)

Daenerys IX - The Gang Helps Dany Recover aka the One Where She Suffocates Drogo (39:38)

Tyrion IX - The Gang Hears about the Battle of the Camps aka the One where Tywin Yells “They Have My Son” (1:12:09)

Jon IX - The One where Jon Runs Off aka the Gang Rescues Jon from Himself (1:30:07)

Catelyn XI - The Gang Gets Loud about Some King aka the One where Robb gets Promoted (1:42:28)

Daenerys X - The One where… whoah Holy crap! Dragons! Aka the Gang Hatches Some Eggs (1:52:47)

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