Valar Rereadis: AGOT - Part 7 of 11

Bran V - The One where they Meet Osha, aka the Gang Fights Deserters (3:08)

Tyrion V - The One with the Sky Cells, aka the Gang’s First Trial for Tyrion (33:08)

Eddard X - The Gang Fights at the Tower of Joy, aka the One where it Begins, No, Ends (45:55)

Catelyn VII - The One where Bronn Fights Ser Vardis, aka the Gang has a Trial by Combat in The Eyrie (1:03:31)

Jon V - The Gang Finishes their Night’s Watch training, aka the One where Jon Gets Aemon to take on Sam (1:14:25)

Tyrion VI - The Gang Befriends the Vale Clansmen, aka the One where Tyrion Talks about Tysha (1:23:31)

Eddard XI - The One where Ned Orders the Arrest of the Mountain, aka the Gang Becomes the Brotherhood w/out Banners (1:32:31)

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