Valar Rereadis: AGOT - Part 3 of 11

Tyrion I - The One with the Lannister Breakfast aka The Gang Wonders what Side Tyrion is On (1:24)

Jon II - The Gang says Goodbye aka the One with It Should Have Been You (24:01) 

Daenerys II - The One where Dany gets Married aka The Gang Goes to a Dothraki Wedding (43:15)

Eddard II - The One with the Barrows of the First Men aka the Gang Talks about Dany (1:06:22)

Tyrion II - The Gang Travels to the Wall aka the One where Tyrion & Jon Talk (1:28:58)

Catelyn III - The One where Summer Saves Bran & Cat aka the One with the Valyrian Steel Dagger (1:41:30)

Sansa I - The One where Nymeria Bites Joffrey aka the Gang Stop it Stop it You're Ruining Everything (1:59:12)

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