Valar Rereadis: AGOT - Part 2 of 11

Catelyn I - The One where they Hear Jon Arryn is Dead aka the Gang Learns Robert is Coming (4:18)

Daenerys I - The One with the Marriage Pact aka the Gang Meets Drogo (23:52)

Eddard I - The Gang Goes Down to the Crypts aka the One with the Royal Arrival (43:56)

Jon I - The Gang Has a Feast aka the One where Jon Gets Drunk (57:55)

Catelyn II - The Gang Argues about Jon Snow aka the One with Lysa's Letter (1:23:07)

Arya I - The One where Bastards can't Train with Princes aka the Gang Watches the Training Yard (1:44:21)

Bran II - The One where Jaime Does Things For Love aka the Gang Hangs Out in a Tower (1:53:56)

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