Valar Rereadis: ACOK - Part 11 of 12

Davos III - The Gang Turns the Blackwater Green aka the One with the Dancing Fifty Foot High Flame Demon (6:04)

Tyrion XIII - The Gang is Shamed by Tyrion aka the One where the Hound Quits (46:00)

Sansa VI - The Gang Feasts During Battle aka the One where Cersei Wants Joffrey to Hide (1:01:35)

Tyrion XIV - Ser Mandon Moore's Last Swim aka the One where Tyrion Loses Face (1:23:20)

Sansa VII - The One where Sansa Sings for Sandor aka the Gang Sees Renly's Ghost (1:44:15)

Daenerys V - The Gang Meets Strong Belwas & Arstan aka the Last Dance in Qarth (2:07:23)

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