Valar Rereadis: AGOT - Part 9 of 11

Sansa IV - the Gang Gaslights Sansa about Her Dad aka the One where Sansa has to Write Letters or Else She's a Traitor (2:32)

Jon VII - the One Where Jon Saves Mormont aka the Gang Fights Dead Rangers (19:12)

Bran VI - the One where Greatjon Drops 2 Digits, aka the Gang Calls the Banners (36:16)

Daenerys VI - the One w/t Poison Wineseller aka the Khal Promises to Lead the Gang to Westeros (56:39)

Catelyn VIII - the Gang Marches w/t Northern Host aka the One Where Cat Says You Win or We Die (1:12:36)

Tyrion VII - the One w/t Clans meet the Lannisters, aka The Gang Meets Tywin (1:26:05)

Sansa V - the One where the Lannisters take Over, aka the Gang Fires Ser Barristan (1:34:19)

Eddard XV - the One when Varys Convinces Ned to Admit Treason aka the Gang Drinks in the Black Cells (1:58:17)

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