Valar Rereadis: AGOT - Part 10 of 11

Catelyn IX - The Gang Meets the Freys aka the One where Robb Trades a Crossing for a Marriage (5:33)

Jon VIII - The One where Aemon Reveals His Past aka the Gang Gives Jon Valyrian Steel (29:45)

Daenerys VII - the One where Khal Drogo is Wounded aka the Gang Meets Mirri Maz Duur (46:42)

Tyrion VIII - The One with the Battle of the Green Fork aka the Gang Meets Shae (1:04:48)

Catelyn X - The Gang Fights in the Whispering Woods aka the One where they Capture Jaime (1:23:58)

Daenerys VIII - The One where Mirri Uses Blood Magic aka the Gang fights Drogo’s Bloodriders (1:34:46)

Arya V - The One where they Execute Ned aka the One where we Learned How Different this Series Really Was (1:48:41)

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