Valar Rereadis: ACOK - Part 2 of 12

Tyrion I - The Gang Makes Tyrion Hand aka The One where Varys Riddles (3:01)

Bran I - The One with the First Wolf Dreams aka the Gang Plays Lord of the Crossing (28:01)

Arya II - The Gang Meets Jaqen H'Ghar aka the One Where the Gold Cloaks Want Gendry (59:53)

Jon I - The Gang Hunts for Maps aka the One where Jeor Compares Jon to Aemon (1:14:32)

Catelyn I - The One where Robb Sends Theon Home, aka the Gang Gets Bad News about the Riverlands (1:48:35)

Tyrion II - The Gang Sends Slynt to the Wall aka the One where Varys Answers His Riddle (2:04:27)

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