Valar Rereadis: AGOT - Part 8 of 11

Sansa III - The One Where Sansa Yells That Joff is not Like Robert aka the Gang Gets Sent Back to Winterfell (3:52)

Eddard XII - The One Where Cersei Says “You Win or You Die” aka the Gang Figures Out About All The Incest (20:45)

Daenerys V - The One Where Dany Eats a Horse Heart aka The Gang Crowns Viserys (36:10)

Eddard XIII - The One Where Robert Dies aka the Gang Tweaks the Royal Will (54:18)

Jon VI - The Gang Swears their Night’s Watch Vows aka The One Where Ghost Finds Benjen’s Men (1:07:24)

Eddard XIV - The Gang Usurps Robert’s Will aka the One Where Littlefinger Did Warn Ned Not To Trust Him, You Know (1:32:48)

Arya IV - The One where the First Sword of Braavos Doesn’t Run aka the Gang Escapes the Red Keep (1:54:12)

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