Valar Rereadis: AGOT - Part 5 of 11

Daenerys III - The One where Dany Makes Viserys Walk aka the Gang Hits the Dothraki Sea (2:15)

Bran IV - The One with Old Nan’s Stories aka the Gang Discusses Bran's Saddle (24:11)

Eddard V - The One with The Ponderous Tome aka the Gang Listens to a Shady Maester (50:20)

Jon IV - The Gang Meets Sam aka the One Where Jon Starts Leading (1:06:09)

Eddard VI - The Gang Meets Gendry aka the One Where Ned Goes to the Armorer (1:22:48)

Catelyn V - The One where She Captures Tyrion aka the Gang at the Inn of the Crossroads (1:32:24)

Sansa II - The Gang Goes Jousting aka the One with Sandor's Origin Story (1:42:28)

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