Valar Rereadis: ASOS - Part 11 of 17

Jon VI - Jon Warns the Gang aka the One with Stabbening Vibes (4:18)

Catelyn VI - The One with a Piece of Theon aka the Red Wedding Reception Party (20:45)

Arya X - Red Wedding Crashers aka the One where the Hound Robs a Farmer (1:10:32)

Catelyn VII - The One where People Throw Their Book Across the Room aka the Actual Red Wedding (1:21:26)

Arya XI - The Gang Fights Frey Marriage aka the One where George is Mean to Us (1:50:51)

Tyrion VI - The Gang Hears the News aka the One where Joffrey Gets Sent to Bed (2:01:36)

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