Valar Rereadis: ACOK - Part 5 of 12

Catelyn II - The Gang Fights for Rainbow Cloaks aka the One where Brienne Wins (4:17)

Jon III - The One where There Aren't Any Boys aka the Gang Meets Craster & Gilly (39:59)

Theon II - Theon Tries to Bang His Sister aka the Gang Starts a War (1:13:34)

Tyrion VI - The Gang Hears Stannis is Fighting Renly aka the One where Shagga's a Barber (1:34:39)

Arya VI - The Gang Gets Tickled aka the One where Arya Starts Her List (1:52:26)

Daenerys II - The Gang Finally Learns Robert is Dead aka the One where They Explore Qarth (2:01:40)

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