Valar Rereadis: ACOK - Part 10 of 12

Sansa IV - The Gang Lights Fires of All Sizes aka the One with Sansa's Coming of Age (5:56)

Jon VII - The Gang Shares Dreams, aka the One with Eagle vs. Wolf (33:19)

Tyrion XII - The Gang Kidnaps the Wrong Sex Worker aka the One with Fake News of Dead Starks (1:06:17)

Catelyn VII - The One where There Are No Men Like Me aka the Gang Frees the Kingslayer (1:20:10)

Theon V - The One where Asha Passes Through aka the Gang Murders their Own (1:39:40)

Sansa V - The Gang Sings a Pre-Battle Hymn aka the One where Cersei Explains the Dearth of Sacking Songs (1:59:29)

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