Valar Rereadis: ACOK - Part 12 of 12

Arya X - The One where Roose Hunts Wolves aka the Gang Escapes Harrenhal (3:00)

Sansa VIII - The Gang Divides the Spoils of War aka the One with Sansa’s New Hairnet (55:53)

Theon VI - The One where Ramsay Captures Theon aka the Gang Sacks Winterfell (1:14:33)

Tyrion XV - Tyrion Lannister: The Face of Plasterly Rock aka the One where Milk of the Poppy Leads to Tysha Dreams (1:36:53)

Jon VIII - The Gang Kills the Halfhand aka the One where Jon Joins the Free Folk (1:51:21)

Bran VII - The Gang Splits Up and Heads North aka the One where Hodor Opens the Door (2:08:31)

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