Valar Rereadis: ACOK - Part 9 of 12

Bran VI - the One with Stranger Danger aka Psycho Theon is Back (5:13)

Arya IX - the Gang Makes Weasel Soup aka the One with Arya’s New Coin (18:18)

Daenerys IV - the Gang Gets Undying aka the One with All the Threes (49:23)

Tyrion XI - the Gang Solves the Wildfire Crisis, aka the One where the Clans Swap Vale for Kingswood (1:53:06)

Theon IV - the One where Theon Might be a Kinslayer aka Summer & Shaggy: Decoy Direwolf Duo (2:15:56)

Jon VI - the One where Jon Kills Orell aka the One where Jon Doesn’t Kill Ygritte (2:35:05)

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