Valar Rereadis: ACOK - Part 4 of 12

Tyrion III - The Gang is Accused of Incest, aka the One where Tyrion Starts the Chain (3:36)

Bran II - The One where They Hear About Ramsay aka the Gang Meets Manderly (24:04)

Tyrion IV - The Gang Gets Tricked on Marriage Alliances, aka the One where Tyrion Counts to Three (54:26)

Sansa II - The One where Dontos Sends a Note aka the Gang Drinks True Wine (1:24:03)

Arya V - The Gang is Captured by the Mountain aka the One where Lommy Yields (1:41:54)

Tyrion V - The One where They Argue About Myrcella aka the Gang Prepares the Wildfire (2:00:55)

Bran III - The One with the Harvest Feast aka the Gang Meets the Reeds (2:26:33)

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